Adult Use

Our highest purity (approaching 100%) botanical THCa / THC ingredients are applicable to a wide range of adult use products.

Highest purity ingredients Enable a wide range of products

Purity approaching 100%, stability, and ease of measurement mean Protonify THC/THCa ingredients can be formulated into multiple leading product categories. Regulated cannabis product manufacturers are ensured of product quality, consistent production output, and positive end user outcomes.

Protonify’s ingredients are colorless, odorless, and tasteless, enabling easy integration with existing manufacturing processes and a virtually unlimited range of consumer products including:
  • Infused pre-rolls
  • Concentrates
  • THCa Diamonds
  • Beverages & Edibles
  • Pure THC Dry Pill Tablets
  • Vapes, Topicals, Tinctures


Protonify cannabinoid ingredients meet and exceed the global standard for Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs) -- a perfect fit for Bio-Pharma-quality products.

A perfect fit for Bio-Pharma-quality products

THCa and THC research in the Bio-Pharmaceutical industry has uncovered the potential for numerous bio-pharma-based medicines for treatment of pain, inflammation, neurological afflictions, oncology-related conditions, and other uses.

Drugs researched and formulated for FDA, Health Canada/DIN number or EMA approval require rigorous testing and several stages of clinical trials. Active ingredients used for drug manufacturing must adhere to the strictest standards of purity, consistency, stability, and the highest manufacturing process standards in the world.

Protonify’s pure, stable cannabinoid ingredients are a perfect fit for inputs into these potential drugs.


Protonify's pure and stable THCa powder and THC concentrate ingredients can help to unlock drug research patents.

Accelerate Cannabinoid Research and Drug Formulation with Protonify’s High Purity, API-Quality THC Concentrate and THCa (Δ 9-Tetrahydrocannabinolic Acid) Isolate.

The medicinal and therapeutic values of THC and THCa underpin the most important long-term objective of our Company, namely to provide highest quality cannabinoid ingredients as inputs to products that have medical efficacy to improve people’s lives.

Significant research has already been completed providing evidence indicating desirable results for pain, anti-inflammation, obesity, arthritis, neuroprotection, liver diseases, nausea-induced vomiting, epilepsy, anti-diabetic, MPP+ induced death and even SARS-CoV-2 and variants. Link to research database.

Protonify is dedicated to helping drive further research in these areas and is pleased to partner with groups investigating formulations using THC and/or THCa. We are happy to provide complimentary samples of our high purity ingredients to organizations aligned with our vision.

Our high purity API-quality cannabinoids are perfect for augmenting early studies and developed patents in this area and also create new research programs to help drive new findings and solutions that contribute to solving health and wellness issues.

We have successfully worked with researchers in multiple Universities and are supportive of any research and/or product formulation activities.

To request samples of our high purity THC concentrate and/or THCa isolate, please contact us below.